CO2 Net Ecosystem Exchange via Flux Tower

Cleaned flux values from the eddy covariance towers at the GLBRC Biofuel Scale-up sites. Tower 1 – “CRP Switchgrass”, Tower 2 – “CRP Prairie”, Tower 3 – “CRP Corn”, Tower 4 – “AGR Corn”, Tower 5 – “AGR Switchgrass”, Tower 6 – “AGR Prairie”, Tower 7 – “Reference”.

This datatable is part of the KBS GLBRC CO2 Net Ecosystem Exchange using Eddy Covariance method dataset. The eddy covariance tower method is used to make continuous measurements of the carbon dioxide net ecosystem exchange (NEE). There are 7 towers on KBS GLBRC scale-up fields; 3 at Lux Arbor Reserve and 4 at the the Marshall Farms fields.


Experiment: GLBRC Scale-up Experiment
Temporal Coverage: January 2009 to December 2011
Dataset: KBS061
Datatable ID: KBS061-002.16
Core Areas Primary Production,Organic Matter,Disturbance
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Last Updated 2016-01-07
Variate Description Units
sample date date and time
tower tower number
neeorig original net ecosystem exchange micromole/metersquared/second
nee f final net ecosystem exchange micromole/metersquared/second
ust wind friction velocity meters/second
co2 carbon dioxide density grams/cubiccentimeter
n2o water density grams/cubiccentimeter
ave u longitudinal wind velocity meters/second
avg v lateral wind velocity meters/second
avg w vertical wind velocity meters/second
h sensible heat flux watts/squaremeter
le latent heat watts/squaremeter
pa barometric pressure kilopascal
wd wind direction degree
rshort in short wave incoming radiation watts/squaremeter
rshort out short wave outgoing radiation watts/squaremeter
rlong in long wave incoming radiation watts/squaremeter
rlong out long wave outgoing radiation watts/squaremeter
r net net radiation watts/squaremeter
ta air temperature celsius
rh relative humidity grams/gram
par in photosynthetic photon flux density micromole/metersquared/second
swc soil water content cubiccentimeters/cubiccentimeters
ts1 soil temperature celsius
ts2 soil temperature celsius
ts3 soil temperature celsius
g1 soil heat flux watts/squaremeter
g2 soil heat flux watts/squaremeter
g3 soil heat flux watts/squaremeter

Data Excerpt

sample_date tower_id neeorig nee_f ust co2 h2o ave_u ave_v ave_w h le pa wd rshort_in rshort_out rlong_in rlong_out r_net ta rh par_in swc ts1 ts2 ts3 g1 g2 g3
2010-04-23 13:30:00+00 1 2.61538 2.61538 126.462 68.8462
2010-04-23 14:00:00+00 1 0.5 0.5 29 62.75
2010-04-23 14:30:00+00 1 3 3 9.66667 33.3333
2010-04-23 15:00:00+00 1 1.4 1.4 98.4 34
2010-04-23 15:30:00+00 1 2.5 2.5 185 77.5
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