2015 All Scientists Meeting

The 2015 KBS LTER annual All Scientist Meeting was a special symposium to celebrate 25 years of research in agricultural ecology. The celebration was held at the Kellogg Conference Center at MSU main campus in East Lansing on April 15 and 16, and commemorated past achievements with the publication of the first KBS LTER synthesis book by Oxford University Press and looked to the future with discussions of proposed initiatives for the forthcoming decades of KBS LTER research.

picture of Phil Robertson giving the introduction to the 25 year symposium

Invited speakers helped frame discussions:

In addition, KBS LTER scientists shared syntheses from 25 years of KBS LTER research:

The symposium began with a poster reception, dinner, and opening keynote address on the evening of Wednesday, April 15 and continued with a full day of events on Thursday, April 16 that featured additional keynote talks from invited speakers, presentations by KBS LTER investigators, and afternoon breakout sessions that provided opportunities for participants to interact with speakers and to help define future directions for KBS LTER research. A banquet dinner was held on the evening of Thursday, April 16 and was attended by the invited speakers, authors of the synthesis book, and special guests.


  • Ariane L Peralta and Yanmei Su Effects of crop diversity on plant-soil-microbial interactions abstract
  • Ari S. Grode, Adam J. Ingrao, Jason Schmidt, and Zsofia Szendrei Naturally Occurring Predators of Asparagus Miner (Diptera: Agromyzidae) abstract
  • Benjamin R.K. Roller and Thomas M. Schmidt Life histories of bacteria: genomic foundations and ecological implications abstract
  • Bill D. Wills, Newton Hood, and Andrew V. Suarez Access to Plant-based Carbohydrate Resources and Colony Investment for Two Ant Species abstract poster
  • Bonnie McGill and Steve Hamilton The missing carbon link: Are ag lime and groundwater irrigation sequestering carbon? abstract
  • Brendan O’Neill, Heli Juottonen, Tracy Teal, Thomas Schmidt Assessing Pathways to Potential N2O Emissions in Different Cropping Systems Using Targeted Pyrotag, Whole Metagenome and Soil Assay Approaches abstract
  • Christine Sprunger and G Philip Robertson Differences in active and slow soil carbon fractions under annual and perennial biofuel crops abstract poster
  • Dustin Kincaid, Martin A. Briggs, Stephen K. Hamilton, and Jay Zarnetske Hydrologic controls on biogeochemical gradients in thick layers of flocculent organic sediments in a through-flow wetland abstract
  • Eldor A Paul, Sherri J Morris and Michelle L Haddix What have we learned about the KBS Kalamazoo Loam ( typic Hapludalf) native and managed soils in 25 years? abstract
  • Elizabeth Davidson-Lowe and Jared Gregory Ali Plant induced responses mediate interactions between herbivores from different feeding guilds abstract
  • Emily Dittmar, Danielle Fegan, Brendan O'Neill, Sarah Bodbyl Roels Kellogg Biological Station’s GK-12 BioEnergy SusTainability Project (BEST): Bringing Fellow Expertise to Classrooms and Engaging Fellows, Teachers, and K-12 Students in Sustainable Inquiry Activities abstract
  • Emily May and Rufus Isaacs Wildflower plantings increase nesting by soil-nesting bees abstract
  • FB Dazzo, J Liu, K Kwatra, C Gross, N Philips, C Monosmith, K Klemmer, Z Ji, ... CMEIAS v3.10: Advanced computational tools of image analysis software designed to strengthen microscopy‐based approaches for understanding microbial ecology abstract
  • Hess LJT, Robertson GP, Matson PA The effects of intensified rainfall patterns on the distribution of nitrate in deep soil profiles of conventional and no-till agriculture abstract
  • Ilya Gelfand, Iurii Scherbak, Neville Millar, Alexandra N. Kravchenko, and G.... Long-term nitrous oxide (N2O) fluxes in the upper Midwest USA: A comparison between annual and perennial systems abstract
  • Jared Gregory Ali Multitrophic Interactions and Chemical Ecology: Belowground induced plant responses and indirect defense abstract
  • Jason Kaye Functional diversity promotes multifunctional cover cropping systems abstract
  • Jessica Fry, Moslem Ladoni, Juan-David Munoz-Robayo, Alexandra Kravchenko, an... Characterizing the effect of surface topography on Nitrogen transport through simulation modeling abstract
  • Jim Cave, Christine Sprunger, and Brendan O’Neill Soil Health abstract
  • Kaitlin Stack Whitney, Timothy D. Meehan, Krista Hamilton, Christopher J. Kuc... Multiyear models of climate and landscape effects on WI soybean crop pests and generalist predators abstract
  • Katie Grantham, Karen A. Stahlheber, and Katherine L. Gross Sorghum growth and development in soils from different switchgrass fields is altered by the presence of an intact soil microbial community abstract
  • Kristi Gdanetz MacCready and Frances Trail Microbial community composition of wheat between four land management strategies abstract
  • Leah H. Palm-Forster, Scott M. Swinton, Frank Lupi, and Robert S. Shupp What deters farmers from participating in conservation auctions? abstract
  • Mary Ann Bruns Underexplored microbial metabolisms in agricultural soils: can they contribute to ecological nutrient management? abstract
  • Michael Abraha, Jiquan Chen, Yahn-Su, Stephen K Hamilton, and G Philip Robertson Net ecosystem exchange of carbon over annual and perennial grasses following land use conversion abstract
  • Michelle Quigley, Alexandra Kravchenko, and Mark Rivers Effect of management on soil organic matter distribution near intra-aggregate pores as determined by µCT images abstract poster
  • MZ Hussain, S Hamilton, A Bharadwaj, B Basso, and GP Robertson Water footprints of cellulosic bioenergy crops abstract
  • Neville Millar, Dean G. Baas, and G. Philip Robertson The influence of potential biofuel cover crops on nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from Midwest row-crops abstract
  • Nicole Quinn, Dan Brainard, and Zsofia Szendrei The Effect of Flowering Cover Crops on Beneficial Insects abstract poster
  • Placid Mike Mpeketula and Sieglinde Snapp Influence of Management and Temporal Crop Bio-diversification on Soil Organic Carbon and Soil Structural Stability in Long-Term Integrated Nutrient Management System abstract
  • Rufus Isaacs, Ashley Bennett, Tim Meehan, and Claudio Gratton Modelling pollinators and their ecosystem services to predict biofuel policy implications for southern Michigan landscapes abstract
  • Sara Hermann and Jennifer Thaler Volatile Predator Cues Drive Non-Consumptive Effects in an Agroecosystem abstract
  • Sean Clark Whole-Farm Life Cycle Assessment during Transition to Organic and Low-Input Practices abstract
  • Xin Peng and Mary Ann Bruns Selecting high performance N2-fixing cyanobacteria for agricultural soil amendment and biofilm formation abstract poster

Meeting held on: 2015-04-15

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