A message from our Director about research during the Covid-19 pandemic

Nicholas Haddad, Department of Integrative Biology, Kellogg Biological Station

Like everyone, we at KBS LTER are navigating difficult terrain with restrictions due to Covid-19. We have delayed some of our biggest new projects until next year. We will be missing our vibrant REU program and many other undergraduate students who typically come to live for the summer at KBS. Our most important concern is to maintain health and safety.

We are able to continue some research. In particular, MSUs Vice President has identified as high priority long-term research, for which a lapse in maintenance or missing data could jeopardize an entire experiment. KBS LTERs 30-year experiments fit this priority. We are able to continue our experimental design. This year, corn will be planted so that when people return at any time this summer or fall, they can resume studies. Further, data can be collected to continue data series dependent on our long-term treatments. This includes our core long-term measurements.

For more information about conducting KBS LTER research during this time, please see COVID-19 procedures. If you have further questions regarding implications of the Covid-19 situation for your research in KBS LTER, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay well!

Nick Haddad, Director (haddad@kbs.msu.edu)