Welcoming the new LTAR Associate Director for Engagement, Tayler Ulbrich

Tayler Ulbrich, the new Associate Director for Engagement for the KBS LTAR.

The W.K. Kellogg Biological Station (KBS) community is excited to welcome Dr. Tayler Ulbrich, who is joining the KBS Long-term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) project as the new Associate Director for Engagement. In her new role, Tayler will be responsible for directing and managing external relationships with various groups – such as producers, agribusiness professionals, farm advisors, policy makers, journalists – to ensure that the goals and outcomes of the LTAR reflect the many voices of people within Michigan’s agricultural sector. 

Tayler grew up in Iowa and moved to Michigan to pursue her PhD at KBS. She shared that “I feel at home in ag fields of the Midwest, but I also know that the dominant agricultural practices are unsustainable and there is a need for change. I look forward to working with others to help restore the health of our soils and the vitality of our communities.”

Tayler recently received her doctoral degree from Michigan State University, where she researched how plants’ interactions with soil microbes, as well as farmers’ perceptions of soil health, can contribute to building a more resilient and sustainable agricultural system. She brings significant experience working and communicating with broad audiences, from ecological and social scientists, as well as farmers and agricultural advisors, and we are confident that she will use these experiences to build a strong community of partners that, together, will strengthen and extend the impact of research at the LTAR.

We look forward to working with Tayler and seeing the LTAR community grow. For more information about engagement efforts at the KBS LTAR, please contact Tayler (chicoin1@msu.edu).