Building a GIS of the KelloggBiological Station LTER site

Sippel, S. and G.P. Robertson

Presented at the ASM in Seattle (2003-09-18 to 2017-12-05 )

We are preparing a GIS for the KBS LTER site.  The GIS will contain georeferenced background data such as aerial photographs, DEM, experimental treatment boundaries, soils, vegetation and field instrumentation locations.  This will provide convenient templates on which to record critical information of past and future manipulations, sampling points, and spatial data such as our crop yield maps and spatial variability samplings.  The GIS will be linked to the LTER relational database management system so that spatial data can be displayed for mapping.  A GIS of the Kalamazoo River Watershed will also be prepared in order to facilitate extrapolation of our LTER findings to the Southwest Michigan landscape. This will contain a TM scene, aerial photography, recent and presettlement land cover, DEM, roads, wetlands, lakes, streams and soils.

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