How changing crop characteristics can enhance the commercial viability of perennial wheat

Reeling, C.J. and S.M. Swinton

Presented at the All Scientist Meeting (2012-03-15 to 2012-03-16 )

• Orientation of agricultural technologies has changed over time from sustainability of farmer incomes to environmental conservation (Batie 1985, Nelson 1997).

• Farmer motivations for adoption have not necessarily changed: profitability and risk play a major role.

• The economic performance of agricultural technologies must compare well with that of existing technologies to be considered commercially viable.

• Example: Perennial wheat (PW). A novel variety of wheat that can contribute to decreased erosion of farmland, PW is handicapped by low yields and grain quality and high rates of mortality after the first year. These characteristics negatively affect commercial viability of PW through increased risk and decreased profit.

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