Nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide emissions in lands converted to bioenergy crops

Abraha M, I Gelfand, SK Hamilton, J Chen and GP Robertson.
Michigan State University, MI, USA

Presented at the All Scientist Meeting and Investigators Field Tour (2016-09-16 to 2016-09-17 )

Land use and land cover changes greatly influence soil greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Recently, undisturbed lands and/or lands previously on conventional agriculture have seen land use changes towards biofuel crop production as part of climate change mitigation. In the US Midwest, grasslands that were recently recruited under Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) of the USDA and agricultural (AGR) lands are being rapidly converted for biofuel crop production in response to increased demand for biofuel feedstock. This study, therefore, investigates the soil N2O-N, CH4-C and CO2-C emissions during and following land use conversion to bioenergy crops.

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