Conceptual model of the role of soil fauna in nutrient mineralization

Bird, G.W.

Presented at the All Scientist Meeting (2004-10-08 )

A conceptual model of the role of soil fauna in nutrient cycling: with special reference to the significance of bacterial and fungal feeding nematodes, amoebae, flagellates and ciliates in nutrient mineralization was developed.  The references used for construction of the model include: Russell E. Ingham et al., 1985; Hunt et al., 1987; Ferris, Venette, van der Meulen and Lau, 1998; Chen and Ferris, 1999; Ferris, Bongers and de Goede, 2001; Ferris Venette and Scow, 2004; and Bird, Harwood, Sanchez, Berney, Smeenk and Smith, 2004.  Ingham et al, 1985 and Hunt et al. served as the foundation for the model components and associated  processes.  The basis for the system was reconfirmed by Ferris et al., 1998 and Chen and Ferris, 1999.  The model can be operationalized through the stability-enrichment concept of Verris, Bonger and de Goede, 2001 and was validated under agronomic field conditions by Ferris, Venette and Scow, 2004.  These findings and others related to the KBS LTER and additional sites throughout Michigan were summarized in detail and presented by Bird et al., 2004, in an invited symposium paper at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the American Phytopathological Society.  The power point presentation and abstract of the APS presentation was converted into a separate poster entitled, Role of Nematodes in Soil Nutrient Cycling for the 2004 KBS LTER Symposium.

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