Impacts of calcium and nitrogen on carbon stabilizationin afforested soils

Brewer, E.A., E.A. Paul, G.P. Robertson, and S.J. Morris

Presented at the All Scientist Meeting (2004-10-08 )

Understanding of soil carbon dynamics is necessary for management decisions to mitigate elevated atmospheric CO2. Our research evaluates the importance of Ca and N for soil C stabilization. Incubations, using soil from an afforested pine stand with low soil C, were amended with lime (CaCO3), CaCl2, and N separately and with litter. Nitrogen and CaCl2 initially decreased CO2 loss. Litter increased CO2 evolution. Lime increased CO2 evolution but less than that calculated for lime alone. Field plots amended with CaCl2, N and litter initially decreased CO2 evolution. One year after treatment, field respiration was less from Ca and N treatments. Increasing soil Ca may maximize soil C sequestration through stabilization.

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