Native parasitoid and predatory fly natural enemies ofsoybean aphid

Kaiser, M., T. Noma, and M. Brewer

Presented at the All Scientist Meeting (2004-10-08 )

We conducted a survey for native parasitoid and predatory fly natural enemies that attack the invasive Soybean Aphid at the KBS LTER.  We found five species of parasitoids in the Braconidae and Aphelinidae families (Hymenoptera), and five species of predatory flies in the Syrphidae, Cecidomyiiae and Chamaemyiidae families (Diptera).  Predation and parasitism of soybean aphid were most frequent in August when soybean plants had matured and aphid density was highest.  The only exception was that Cecidomyiid predation peaked later in September as soybean was senescing and aphid infestation had already plummeted.

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