Characterization of regional cropdynamics using a modeling framework for management andvisualization of information

Gage, S.H., M. Colunga-Garcia, G.R. Safir, S.J. DelGrosso, and P.R. Grace

Presented at the All Scientist Meeting (2003-09-12 )

A research objective at the KBS-LTER is to examine how research on row crop agroecosystems at KBS represents crop production in the US Corn Belt. To facilitate this objective we developed a Modeling Applications System Integrative Framework (MASIF) which links an array of existing visualization, analytical, and data management software to manage model inputs and outputs as well as model execution. We are conducting three projects that demonstrate applications of MASIF. In the first project we want to characterize and analyze crop productivity in the North Central Region and explore future scenarios via modeling. We have conducted an analysis and comparison of historical observational data with outputs from crop simulation models. In the second project a crop model was calibrated to the cooler climate of the Upper Great Lakes Region. We tested the effects of temperature modifications and related that to the performance of the model. In the third project we have incorporated the DAYCENT model with MASIF to simulate regional sinks and sources of greenhouse gasses from agricultural soils including croplands and grasslands. We anticipate that simulations will provide information to decision makers for the assessment of economic, environmental and biophysical impacts of mitigation practices and policies.

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