(National Research Council) 2007. Status of Pollinators in North America. National Academy Press, Washington, DC, USA

This report of the National Research Council’s Committee on the Status of Pollinators in North America is an assessment of pollinating animals in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. To prepare this report, the committee compiled and analyzed the published literature; consulted numerous experts from academia, industry, and nongovernmental organizations; and drew from its members’ extensive expertise. The extent to which the committee could discuss different pollinator species in different regions depended largely on the availability of data, as the amount and quality of evidence vary widely for different animal groups. For most North American pollinator species, long-term population data are lacking and knowledge of their basic ecology is incomplete. These information deficiencies make definitive assessments of North American pollinator status exceedingly difficult. This lack stands in contrast to the study of pollinators in Europe, where status has been the subject of systematic investigation for some time, and where declines and extinctions have been definitively documented. Notwithstanding these gaps, the committee found sufficient evidence to determine the status of a range of both managed and unmanaged pollinators in North America.

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