Mokma, D. L. and J. A. Doolittle. 1993. Mapping soils and soil properties in southwest Michigan using ground-penetrating radar. Soil Survey Horizons 34:13-22.

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Sandy soils containing textural bands or lamellae can be difficult to map. The lamellae vary in amount, thickness, and depth over relatively short distances. Accordingly, within some map units, the Bt horizon can vary from weakly expressed with few, thin discontinuous lamellae to strongly expressed with a continuous argillic horizon. In southwest Michigan, consociations of Psammentic Hapludalfs contain inclusions of Alfic Udipsamments, Arenic Hapludalfs, and Glossoboric Hapludalfs. These soils have different waterholding capacities and water flow characteristics. Some users of soil information are requesting that these soils be separated in high-intensity surveys.

DOI: 10.2136/sh1993.1.0013

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