Maas, K. G. 1992. The effects of planting density and weed control on the partitioning of nitrogen and carbon in a hybrid poplar plantation. M.Sc. Thesis, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA.

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A plantation of Populus x euramericana c.v. Eugenei clones was established in 1989 to determine the effects weed control and planting density have on community level C and N.  A split plot design with random blocking was used.  Three planting densities were split on the presence or absence of weeds.  Aboveground biomass and N content of trees and weeds was determined by destructive sampling.  Equations were developed to estimate tree stand biomass.  At the end of the third growing season, cumulative aboveground biomass was equivalent in those communities that were fully occupying the site.  Nitrogen content on the community level was not influenced by weed control.  By the end of the third growing season weed competition did not significantly influence individual tree growth at the high planting density, but the presence of weeds had a significant negative impact on tree growth at the lower planting densities.

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