Palm-Forster, L. H., F. Lupi, and M. Chen. 2016. Valuing Lake Erie beaches using value and function transfers. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 45:270-292.

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Two benefit-transfer approaches are used to estimate welfare losses from closure of Lake Erie beaches. We identify conditions for which the function transfer, which is more time-consuming and data-intensive, is worth the effort relative to a simple value transfer. The function transfer was essential for estimating beach demand (trips) and demand elasticity (change in trips); when evaluating individual beach closures with known trip demand, the two methods yielded similar results. Results produced by the two transfer methods deviated (up to 106 percent) when multiple beaches were closed simultaneously because value transfer did not account for the loss of beach substitutes.

DOI: 10.1017/age.2016.15

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Social Science Studies Modeling

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