Williams, M. R., P. Welikhe, J. H. Bos, K. W. King, M. Akland, D. J. Augustine, C. Baffaut, E. G. Beck, A. Bierer, D. Bosch, E. Boughton, C. Brandani, E. S. Brooks, A. R. Buda, M. Cavigelli, J. Faulkner, G. W. Feyereisen, A. Fortuna, J. Gamble, B. R. Hanrahan, M. Z. Hussain, M. M. Kohmann, J. L. Kovar, B. Lee, A. B. Leytem, M. A. Liebig, D. Line, M. Macrae, T. B. Moorman, D. Moriasi, N. Nelson, A. Ortega-Pieck, D. Osmond, O. Pisani, J. Ragosta, M. Reba, A. Saha, J. Sanchez, M. Silveira, D. R. Smith, S. Spiegal, H. Swain, J. Unrine, P. Webb, K. E. White, H. Wilson, and L. M. Yasarer. 2021. LTAR phosphorus budget summary. Ag Data Commons https://doi.org/10.15482/USDA.ADC/1523365.

Surface agronomic P budgets for 61 cropping systems using field-scale P flux data across 24 research sites in the United States and Canada. Data are representative of P inputs and outputs associated with the production of each crop in a respective rotation year, ranging from 1 to 10 rotation years. This dataset provides a comparison of field-scale soil surface P fluxes and phosphorus budgets across sites and cropping systems.

DOI: 10.15482/USDA.ADC/1523365

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