Martinez-Rau, L. S., J. O. Chelotti, M. Ferrero, S. A. Utsumi, A. M. Planisich, L. D. Vignolo, L. L. Giovanini, H. L. Rufiner, and J. R. Galli. 2023. Daylong acoustic recordings of grazing and rumination activities in dairy cows. Scientific Data 10:782.

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Monitoring livestock feeding behavior may help assess animal welfare and nutritional status, and to optimize pasture management. The need for continuous and sustained monitoring requires the use of automatic techniques based on the acquisition and analysis of sensor data. This work describes an open dataset of acoustic recordings of the foraging behavior of dairy cows. The dataset includes 708 h of daily records obtained using unobtrusive and non-invasive instrumentation mounted on five lactating multiparous Holstein cows continuously monitored for six non-consecutive days in pasture and barn. Labeled recordings precisely delimiting grazing and rumination bouts are provided for a total of 392 h and for over 6,200 ingestive and rumination jaw movements. Companion information on the audio recording quality and expert-generated labels is also provided to facilitate data interpretation and analysis. This comprehensive dataset is a useful resource for studies aimed at exploring new tools and solutions for precision livestock farming.

DOI: 10.1038/s41597-023-02673-3

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