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  • 2018

    Landis, D. A., C. Gratton, R. D. Jackson, K. L. Gross, D. S. Duncan, C. Liang, T. D. Meehan, B. A. Robertson, T. M. Schmidt, K. A. Stahlheber, J. M. Tiedje, and B. P. Werling. 2018. Biomass and biofuel crop effects on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the North Central US. Biomass and Bioenergy 114:18-29.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3567)
  • 2016

    Jesus, E. C., C. Liang, F. J. Quensen, E. Susilawati, R. D. Jackson, T. C. Balser, and J. M. Tiedje. 2016. Influence of corn, switchgrass, and prairie cropping systems on soil microbial communities in the upper Midwest of the United States. Global Change Biology Bioenergy 8:481-494.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3481)
  • Liang, C., E. da C. Jesus, D. S. Duncan, J. F. Quensen, R. D. Jackson, T. C. Balser, and J. M. Tiedje. 2016. Switchgrass rhizospheres stimulate microbial biomass but deplete microbial necromass in agricultural soils of the upper Midwest, USA. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 94:173-180.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3627)
  • 2015

    Dickson, T. L. and K. L. Gross. 2015. Can the results of biodiversity-ecosystem productivity studies be translated to bioenergy production? PLoS ONE 10:e0135253.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf data (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3510)
  • 2014

    Werling, B. P., T. L. Dickson, R. Isaacs, H. Gaines, C. Gratton, K. L. Gross, H. Liere, C. M. Malmstrom, T. D. Meehan, L. Ruan, B. A. Robertson, G. P. Robertson, T. M. Schmidt, A. C. Schrotenboer, T. K. Teal, J. K. Wilson, and D. A. Landis. 2014. Perennial grasslands enhance biodiversity and multiple ecosystem services in bioenergy landscapes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 111:1652-1657.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3300)
  • 2013

    Robertson, B. A., D. A. Landis, T. S. Sillett, E. R. Loomis, and R. A. Rice. 2013. Perennial agroenergy feedstocks as en route habitat for spring migratory birds. BioEnergy Research 6:311-320.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3273)
  • 2012

    Meehan, T. D., B. P. Werling, D. A. Landis, and C. Gratton. 2012. Pest-suppression potential of Midwestern landscapes under contrasting bioenergy scenarios. PLoS ONE 7:e41728.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3269)
  • Robertson, B. A., C. Porter, D. A. Landis, and D. W. Schemske. 2012. Agroenergy crops influence the diversity, biomass, and guild structure of terrestrial arthropod communities. BioEnergy Research 5:179-188.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3131)
  • 2011

    Robertson, B. A., P. J. Doran, J. R. Robertson, E. R. Loomis, and D. W. Schemske. 2011. Perennial biomass feedstocks enhance avian diversity. Global Change Biology Bioenergy 3:235-246.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3271)
  • Robertson, B. A., P. J. Doran, E. R. Loomis, J. R. Robertson, and D. W. Schemske. 2011. Avian use of perennial biomass feedstocks as post-breeding and migratory stopover habitat. PLoS ONE 6:e16941.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/3274)
  • Schrotenboer, A. C. 2011. Prairie grasses for biofuels and ecological restoration: Modifications to native species and their place in human-altered landscapes. Dissertation, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/2083)
  • Schrotenboer, A. C., M. S. Allen, and C. M. Malmstrom. 2011. Modification of native grasses for biofuel production may increase virus susceptibility. Global Change Biology-Bioenergy 3:360-374.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/2082)
  • Werling, B. P., T. D. Meehan, B. Robertson, C. Gratton, and D. A. Landis. 2011. Biocontrol potential varies with changes in biofuel–crop plant communities and landscape perenniality. Global Change Biology Bioenergy 3:347-359.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/2075)
  • Werling, B. P., T. D. Meehan, C. Gratton, and D. A. Landis. 2011. Influence of habitat and landscape perenniality on insect natural enemies in three candidate biofuel crops. Biological Control 59:304-312.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/2076)
  • 2010

    Gardiner, M. M., J. K. Tuell, R. Isaacs, J. Gibbs, J. S. Ascher, and D. A. Landis. 2010. Implications of three biofuel crops for beneficial arthropods in agricultural landscapes. Bioenergy Research 3:6-19.

    abstract + pdf abstract pdf (https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/pub/2150)
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