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  • 2023

    Haan, N. L., G. N. Benucci, C. M. Fiser, G. Bonito, and D. A. Landis. 2023. Contrasting effects of bioenergy crops on biodiversity. Science Advances 9:eadh7960.

  • Lucas, M., J. Gil, G. P. Robertson, N. E. Ostrom, and A. Kravchenko. 2023. Changes in soil pore structure generated by the root systems of maize, sorghum and switchgrass affect in situ N2O emissions and bacterial denitrification. Biology and Fertility of Soils doi: 10.1007/s00374-023-01761-1

  • Mechan-Llontop, M. E., J. Mullet, and A. Shade. 2023. Phyllosphere exudates select for distinct microbiome members in sorghum epicuticular wax and aerial root mucilage. Phytobiomes Journal 7:184-197.

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