KBS086:Plant biomass collection on the Biodiversity Experiment

The biodiversity gradient experiment is an additional long-term study located within the LTER Main Site complex, in which a series of 21 different experimental treatments vary in plant species diversity. Treatments range from bare soil to single-crop rotations to multiple-crop rotations to annually fallowed fields with early successional plant communities. Plant species richness thus varies from 0 to >15 in any given 3-year rotation cycle. Treatment plots are 9.1×27.4 meters (30×90 feet) replicated in each of 4 randomized blocks. The study site was established in 2000.


KBS032-004 Cover Crop and Non-crop Biomass
This weed dataset is collected prior to harvest to understand the impact of weed competition on crop yields and includes data from 2001, 2006-2011. Data was collected in 2002-2004 for a dissertation, which is yet not included here. No data was collected in 2005. Weeds were harvested in Aug-Sept through 2007. From 2008 forward, weeds were collected one month later in October. See Smith, R. G., K. L. Gross, and G. P. Robertson. 2008. Effects of crop diversity on agroecosystem function: Crop yield response. Ecosystems 11:355-366.


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