KBS105:Marginal Land Experiment

Data for the Michigan GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment.

  • Status: active
  • Temporal Coverage 2012-01-01 to 2021-01-01


KBS105-002 Dry Matter Yield - Marginal Land Experiment
Agronomic yields from machine harvest of the Marginal Land Experiment at sites in Michigan and Wisconsin. Yield data is given for 6 treatments (switchgrass, miscanthus, native grasses, early succession, restored prairie and historical vegetation) on the 6 Marginal Land Experiment sites (Wisconsin South – Oregon site was retired after 2018 growing season). Note that the historical vegetation (G11) treatment is not machine harvested; agronomic yield is estimated by hand harvesting. Yield data are given as dry matter expressed as Mg/ha. G11 was hand harvested at 3 stations per split plot from 2015-2017 and at 2 stations per split plot beginning in 2018. The average harvest per split plot is given here. Raw data is available on request. The corresponding glbrc table is https://data.sustainability.glbrc.org/datatables/465
KBS105-003 Soil Chemistry from Deep and Surface Soil Cores- Marginal Sites
Deep core soil samples and surface samples are taken occasionally for fertilizer recommendations and analyzed for pH, lime index, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, cation exchange capacity and organic matter. KBS samples are analyzed by the Michigan State University Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory.
KBS105-004 Agronomic Log - GLBRC Marginal Sites
Records of agronomic activities carried out on the GLBRC Marginal Land sites in Michigan.
KBS105-006 Switchgrass Varieties Planted on the GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment
Switchgrass varieties planted on the GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment by treatment. Panicum virgatum var. Cave-in-Rock is a non-native variety and Panicum virgatum var. Southlow is a native variety. Switchgrass varieties planted on all GLBRC experiments can be found at: http://lter.kbs.msu.edu/datatables/494
KBS105-009 MLE soil characterization (pit samples)
Soil chemistry at sites of GLBRC marginal land experiment.


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