KBS011:Microbial Biomass Dynamics

The purpose of these studies is to determine patterns of microbial biomass dynamics in crop, successional and forest communities.

This project consists of two studies involving microbial biomass determination in soil samples taken from the Main Cropping System Experiment (KBS004): Chloroform Fumigation-Incubation; Soil Microbial Biomass C and N, and Epifluorescence Microscopy and Image Analysis; Soil Microbial Biovolume and C. The data for both studies are generated from subsets of the same soil samples, collected from treatments 1 – 8, CF, DF, and SF. See the descriptor (KBS004) for treatment descriptions. Samples are collected approximately monthly (during ice-free conditions) or annually (varies by year) from 5 sampling stations in each of 6 replicate plots per treatment; exceptions are treatment 8 (four reps), and treatments CF, DF, and SF (three reps each). For experiment descriptions, protocols, and data, see individual datasets.

Samples were collected by K. Klingensmith in 1989 and by S. Halstead in other years. D. Harris performed lab analysis, data entry, data analysis, and data submission. Original data files not available; contact the LTER data manager with questions. The data currently available was derived from web-based files which were last reviewed by D. Harris on 10-01-1997 and may be available from archives.


KBS011-001 Soil Microbial Biomass via Chloroform Fumigation

Soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen as determined by chloroform fumigation - incubation.

KBS011-002 Soil Microbial Biomass and Biovolume via Microscopy

Soil biovolume and carbon as determined by epifluorescence microscopy.


  • KBS011-prot04 Equations for Soil Microbial Biovolume and Carbon Calculation
  • KBS011-prot03 Equations for Soil Microbial Biomass C and N Calculation
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