KBS123:Crop Management and Environmental Stewardship

Data recorded here came from a 2008 mail survey of Michigan corn and soybean farmers, entitled “Crop Managemand and Environmental Stewardship: A Survey of Your Opinions.”.

Survey instruments and details are given in Jolejole, M. C. 2009. Trade-offs, incentives, and the supply of ecosystem services from cropland. MS Thesis, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA


KBS123-001 Evaluating the tradeoff between individual benefits and societal benefits in farmer decisions.
Data recorded in this file are responses to two sets of Likert scale questions (3 levels offered) to 6 question about environmental benefits from environmental stewardship to the individual and society. Responses are scored as follows: 1- Highly important 2- Somewhat important 3- Not important


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