KBS015:Soil Moisture on the Main Cropping System Experiment

This dataset contains the gravimetric soil moisture content of surface soils (0-25 cm) of the Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE) at the LTER Main Site (Treatments 1-8, since 1989) and Mid-successional (TSF) and Forested (TCF, TDF) sites (since 1993). Soil samples are routinely collected once or twice monthly during the growing season, composited by treatment replicate, and analyzed for gravimetric moisture content, calculated on a dry weight basis. These measurements are in association with inorganic nitrogen determination.


KBS015-001 Soil Moisture (Gravimetric)

Gravimetric soil moisture content, expressed as grams H2O per gram dry soil, in surface soils (0-25 cm), composited by replicate (R1-R6), for all MSCE treatments. Since 2019, also includes samples collected 3-4 times over the growing season from T3 and T4 sampling stations (1-5) and prairie strips (ST).


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