KBS134:Ant populations and Pest suppression

Data supporting the paper Helms IV, J. A., S. E. Ijelu, B. D. Wills, D. A. Landis, and N. M. Haddad. 2020. Ant biodiversity and ecosystem services in bioenergy landscapes. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 290:106780


The data tables document mortality of pest insect eggs in vertebrate exclosures, as well as ant species and the number of ant workers captured in pitfall traps, during the 2018 growing season in LTER forest plots, the Biofuel Cropping System Experiment (BCSE) plots, and the GLBRC Scale-up Experiment.

  • Status: completed
  • Temporal Coverage 2020-01-17 to 2020-01-17


KBS134-001 Ant Richness
KBS134-002 Ant Presence
KBS134-003 Pest suppression due to ant predation


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