KBS136:MCSE Model input data

Consolidated dataset for the ARDEN crop modeling effort. This pulls together several useful data tables into one dataset. Further information can be found at https://agmip.github.io/ARDN/

  • Status: active
  • Temporal Coverage 1988-01-01 to 2023-07-05


KBS0136-007 Soil Test data

Soil samples are taken annually (usually in the Fall) for fertilizer recommendations and analyzed by the Michigan State University Soils Laboratory. The soil samples are taken from the annual treatments T1 through T4. The sample protocols are available from the soil test lab.

KBS036-001 MCSE Activity Report for the Main plots

Activity report for the agronomic treatments

KBS136-002 Planting report for MCSE Main plots
KBS136-003 Fertilizer Application Report for the Main Plots on the MCSE

Fertilizer report for the agronomic treatments. This table aggregates the fertilizer application records from the aglog for the MCSE agronomic treatments.

KBS136-004 Agronomic Yields - Annual Crops

Annual crop harvest data for corn, soy and wheat from the Main Cropping System Experiment at the LTER Main Site as collected with commercial sized equipment.

Prior to 2017 the yield was reported from the east half of the plot. In 2017 the protocol was changed to report the yield for the whole plot.

KBS136-006 Plot Center Locations and Size

Computed plot centroid positions of the MCSE plots on the main site.


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