GLBRC135:Processed Flux data sent to Ameriflux

Flux data from the eddy flux towers on the GLBRC scaleup sites is submitted to ameriflux. Raw data is available upon request.

  • Status: active
  • Temporal Coverage 2009-01-01 to


GLBRC136-001 Eddy flux data submitted to Ameriflux
Seven flux towers were installed on the GLBRC scale-up sites in 2009. Three of the sites (Lux Arbor) were historically managed under conventional corn-soybean rotation for several decades and the rest under CRP (Marshal) for 22 years. All sites, except one grassland site that was maintained as CRP, were converted to soybean in 2009; and to continuous corn, switchgrass and restored prairie cropping systems from 2010 onwards. Data has been submitted for: * "": KBS Lux Arbor Reserve Switchgrass * "": KBS Marshall Farms Smooth Brome Grass (Ref)


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