KBS138:Ant Isotope ratios

This is data supporting the publication: Jackson A. Helms IV et.al 2020. “Bioenergy landscapes drive trophic shifts in generalist ants” in the Journal of Animal Ecology.

These data document tissue stable isotope ratios of C and N in plants and invertebrates collected by hand or in pitfall traps during the 2018 growing season from the Biofuel Cropping System Experiment (BCSE) plots and the GLBRC Scale-Up Experiment.


KBS138-001 C13 and N15 isotope values of selected invertebrates and plants

Stable Isotopes were used to eludicate shifts in arthopod food webs in Bioenergy crop landscapes.

KBS138-002 Isotope shifts during processing and freezing

To evaluate the effect of ethanol preservation and freezing on stable isotope values, Ants were collected from a gravel road near the site and preserved with ethanol or freezing as described in Jackson et.al. 2020. Bioenergy landscapes drive trophic shifts in generalist ants. Journal of Animal Ecology.

Ants were collected on 2018-09-12.


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