KBS017:KBS National Weather Service Station

This data set contains information collected from the “Gull Lake Biological Station COOP” (#203504) weather observatory located at the W. K. Kellogg Biological Station. Data is also archived at the national weather service. The station is located at 42 degrees 24 minutes north and 85 degrees 23 minutes west at an elevation of 277.4 meters. Observations began on Jan 1 1948 and are recorded daily at 4 pm local time.


KBS017-001 NWS Station at KBS - Daily
Minimum and maximum temperature, precipitation, and depth of snow cover are recorded daily from the Gull Lake Biological Station COOP (#203504) National Weather Observatory station.
KBS017-003 NWS Data formatted for climdb
The data from the Gull Lake COOP station formatted for climdb


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