KBS021:Soil Inorganic Nitrogen on the Main Cropping System Experiment

Measurement of soil inorganic nitrogen began in 1989 for all treatments on the LTER Main Site and 1993 on the Successional and Forest sites. Ammonium and nitrate are analyzed twice monthly or monthly during the growing season on baseline soil samplings. Additional datasets from the Baseline Soil Samplings include soil moisture, total N and total C.


KBS021-001 Soil Inorganic Nitrogen by Treatment
Soil nitrate and ammonium values averaged by treatment. This dataset is derived from the Soil Nitrate and Ammonium datatable.
KBS021-002 Soil Inorganic Nitrogen
Surface (0 to 25 cm) inorganic nitrogen concentrations of nitrate-N and ammonium-N for soils collected from the Main Cropping System Experiment organized by treatment and plot.
KBS021-004 Soil Nitrogen Mineralization
Periodically, sub-samples from a soil sampling campaign are reburied in porous bags. After about 21 days, they are recovered and analyzed for N content. This table represents change in soil nitrate (plus nitrite) and ammonium over the incubation period.
KBS021-006 Laura Hess' nitrification and mineralization data
Nitrification and mineralization data affiliated with Hess et al. 2020


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