KBS030:Stand Counts of the Main Cropping System Experiment

Stand counts for MCSE annual (T1-T4) and perennial (T5-T6) treatments as a measure of seed germination, stand development and/or tree survival.


KBS019-016 Annual Crop (T1-T4) Stand Counts

The number of annual crop plants (stand counts) in ANPP biomass samples taken before harvest of MCSE Treatments 1-4, reported in number per square meter.

KBS019-027 Switchgrass (T6) Stand Counts

Stand counts of switchgrass in MCSE Treatment 6 at the LTER Main Site conducted after emergence in late spring/early summer to monitor stand development and recruitment.

KBS030-001 Soybean Stand Counts

Stand counts from MCSE annual crop treatments (T1-T4) when planted to soybean in the rotation. All plots were planted with the same density, but due to events and competition during the season the final stand counts can be different

KBS094-001 Poplar (T5) Stand Counts

Number of poplar trees (T5) present, by planted row, to document the survival rate of planted trees. All trees counted; damage recorded when extensive

KBS094-002 Poplar (T5) Stand Assessment

Number of trees along a given planted row (transect) either missing (died or did not grow) or with visible caterpillar or deer damage.


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