KBS033:Resource Gradient Experiment

This dataset contains the agronomic yields and soil properties of the LTER Resource Gradient Experiment, which applies nine different rates of nitrogen fertilization (F1-F9) to annual row crops under rainfed (since 1999) and irrigated (since 2003) conditions. Since 2006, row crops have followed the same rotation as the LTER Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE; corn-soybean-wheat); continuous corn was grown from 1999-2005. Nitrogen fertilization rates differ by crop (since 2008) and are given on the plot map.

The experiment moved to its current location in the LTER Main Site in 2005; previous experimental designs and locations are given here


KBS033-001 Agronomic Yields

Agronomic grain yields of corn, soybean, and wheat harvested from rainfed and irrigated plots using a plot combine and expressed at standard moisture.

KBS033-004 Soil Inorganic Nitrogen, Moisture and Temperature

Soil inorganic nitrogen (nitrate and ammonium), temperature, and moisture content over the 2002 growing season in association with greenhouse gas sampling.

KBS033-005 Agronomic Soil Chemistry

Agronomic chemistry of surface (0-25 cm) soils occasionally collected in the fall (usually after harvest) for fertilizer and liming recommendations and analyzed for pH, lime index, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and cation exchange capacity by an analytical service laboratory.

KBS033-006 Soil pH

Soil pH of surface (0-25 cm) soils collected periodically in the fall to monitor the need for soil liming.

KBS033-007 Soil Inorganic N and Moisture

Inorganic nitrogen (nitrate and ammonium) and gravimetric moisture of surface (0-25 cm) soils.

KBS033-008 Soil Bulk Density

Bulk density of surface soils (0-25 cm) collected in fall 2016 from treatments F1, F5, and F8 under both rainfed and irrigated conditions and divided into 0-10 and 10-25 cm intervals. For 2007 samples, core dimensions were 14 cm height x 7.9 cm diameter.


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