KBS033:Resource Gradient Experiment

This study provides a gradient of 9 different rates of nitrogen fertilization under rainfed and irrigated conditions. Irrigation began in 2003. Corn was grown from 2000-2005 and subsequently the crop rotation (wheat, corn, soybean) followed the crop of the LTER main site. Nitrogen applications differ by crop after 2007.

The experiment was moved to its current location on the LTER main site in 2005. The experiment location/history are explained here.

Plots are 5×30 m arranged in each of 4 replicate blocks .

Crop yields, nitrous oxide and soil temperature, moisture and nitrogen data are available for this study.


KBS033-001 Agronomic Yields
Grain yields (at standard moistures, in kg/ha) for corn, soy and wheat from rainfed and irrigated plots of the Resource Gradient Experiment.
KBS033-004 Soil Inorganic Nitrogen, Moisture and Temperature
Soil inorganic nitrogen, temperature, and moisture measurements taken in association with the trace gas sampling on the Resource Gradient Experiment.
KBS033-005 Soil Test Lab Analyses - Agronomic
Analytical results from the MSU Soil Test Lab on soil samples taken periodically from the Resource Gradient Experiment to determine fertilizer recommendations.
KBS033-006 Soil pH
Soil pH measurements from soils of the Resource Gradient Experiment.
KBS033-007 Soil Inorganic N and Gravimetric Moisture
Surface soil (0-25 cm) inorganic N and gravimetric soil moisture measurements.
KBS033-008 Soil Bulk Density
Only a few bulk density samples were taken to characterize the Resource Gradient. Soil cores taken using 'root corer' - dimensions: 14.0 cm height x 7.9 cm diameter On 08/21/2007 soil samples weighed using metal tins - sample dried in oven at 60 Celsius for 24 hours


  • KBS033-prot01 Resource Gradient Experiment: Fertilizer Treatment Descriptions
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