KBS039:KBS LTER Global Positioning System Data

The KBS LTER uses submeter accuracy GPS to record many locations such as plot corners, gas flux chamber, leaf litter trap locations, soil water samplers (lysimeter), etc.


KBS039-002 GPS Coordinates of All LTER and GLBRC Features

GPS coordinates for many LTER and GLBRC point features such as plot corners, sampling stations, lysimeters, etc.

KBS039-003 GPS Coordinates (Expanded)
Additional fields given for GPS coordinates such as PDOP.
KBS039-004 KBS LTER Survey Monument Coordinates

Locations of 2 LTER survey monuments that were set in 2006 by Jensen Land Surveying (Richland, MI.) using 2 survey grade Ashtec Promark 2 GPS units. These monuments are located near the LTER Weather Station and the LTER gas shed, both located on the LTER main site.

KBS039-005 Geospatial centroids of LTER and GLBRC experiments

This table contains the geospatial centroids of LTER and GLBRC experiments


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