KBS047:Water Chemistry in Streams, Lakes Wetlands and Groundwater near the KBS LTER

Water chemistry is measured in diverse surface waters and in two water supply wells in the vicinity of the KBS LTER. This dataset includes sites sampled over time (streams, wells, some wetlands) as well as wetland sites sampled once or a few times. A separate dataset includes soil water chemistry sampled from the LTER treatments.


KBS047-001 Stream Water Chemistry near KBS

Water chemistry data are collected approximately 4-5 times/year from streams near Kellogg Biological Station. Sampling has usually been done at least one week after rainfalls greater than one inch, or equivalent snowmelt, and thus the data do not represent ephemeral discharge peaks. Discharge is estimated using a Marsh McBirney flow meter at several points across the channel; the USGS continuously monitors discharge (and makes more accurate measurements) at a location on Augusta Creek (station 04105700).

KBS047-003 Wetlands Water Chemistry in the KBS Region

Water chemistry measurements were made from wetland surface water samples collected since 1996 by Stephen Hamilton’s lab at KBS. Measurements include major solutes, nutrients, pH, dissolved oxygen, and conductance. Most of the water samples were collected in non-urban regions of Kalamazoo, Barry, and Allegan counties, within the Kalamazoo River watershed or just north of it in southern Barry County. Some were one-time samplings whereas many sites were sampled multiple times, most often in the Spring (May) and Fall (October). GPS coordinates are available for many of the sites.

KBS047-004 Groundwater Chemistry near the KBS LTER

Two water supply wells are sampled at the Pond Laboratory at Kellogg Biological Station. Sampling is done after thoroughly flushing the lines. There is no pre-treatment of the water from the Pond Lab Reservoir Well, but the Bush Gardens well does have an oxygenation tank upstream of the sampling point, which may cause some mineral precipitation and variably affects the samples. More information on these wells is available from Stephen Hamilton.


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