KBS055:Plant Community and Ecosystem Responses to Long-term Fertilization & Disturbance

This work is part of the long-term sampling and monitoring of successional dynamics in abandoned fields – and responses to N-fertilization. Data from this research has been, and will continue to, contribute to LTER cross-site analysis of plant community dynamics, diversity-productivity, and responses to fertilization and disturbance.

N-fertilized and tilled (disturbed) microplots are located in the NW corner of all treatment 7 (early successional communities) on the LTER main site.

 Experimental treatments are:
1) Nitrogen addition vs. no nitrogen addition and 2) Annual disturbance vs. undisturbed


KBS055-001 Early Successional Microplot Biomass
Plant biomass measured in response to long-term nitrogen fertilization and disturbance. Biomass was sorted to species until 2014 and periodically after that. In years where the biomass was not sorted it is reported as "unsorted"
KBS055-002 Soil Inorganic Nitrogen - Early Successional Microplots
Inorganic nitrogen concentrations of ammonia and nitrate in soils of the fertilization and disturbance microplots on the LTER Early Successional treatment (T7).


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