KBS061:KBS GLBRC CO2 Net Ecosystem Exchange using Eddy Covariance method

The eddy covariance tower method is used to make continuous measurements of the carbon dioxide net ecosystem exchange (NEE). There are 7 towers on KBS GLBRC scale-up fields; 3 at Lux Arbor Reserve and 4 at the the Marshall Farms fields.

  • Status: active
  • Temporal Coverage 2009-01-01 to 2015-01-01


KBS061-002 CO2 Net Ecosystem Exchange via Flux Tower
Cleaned flux values from the eddy covariance towers at the GLBRC Biofuel Scale-up sites. Tower 1 - "CRP Switchgrass", Tower 2 - "CRP Prairie", Tower 3 - "CRP Corn", Tower 4 - "AGR Corn", Tower 5 - "AGR Switchgrass", Tower 6 - "AGR Prairie", Tower 7 - "Reference".
KBS061-003 CO2 Net Ecosystem Exchange using Eddy Covariance
KBS061-004 Radiation Data collected at the Eddy Covariance Towers


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