KBS066:Agronomic Soil Test Results

Soil samples are taken annually (usually in the Fall) for fertilizer recommendations and analyzed by the Michigan State University Soils Laboratory. The soil samples are taken from the annual treatments T1 though T4 and T6.


KBS066-001 Soil Test Lab Analyses - Agronomic
Soil samples taken for fertilizer recommendations. Samples are collected from the LTER Main Site, treatments 1-4 and 6 and analyzed for pH, CEC, phosphorous and potassium.
KBS066-002 Soil test lab for LTER Nitrogen Deposition Experiment
Soil test results for the LTER Nitrogen Deposition Experiment
LTAR001_001 Soil test results for pre-LTAR plots
Soil test results for pre-LTAR plots
LTAR001_002 Baseline agronomic soil test results for LTAR plots
LTAR baseline soil test results


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