KBS067:Comprehensive Soil Water Chemistry

Soil water samples are collected every other week during the growing season from treatments 1-7 (replicates 2-4) and the successional and forest sites using Prenart soil water samplers (sometimes referred to as lysimeters). Three sampling stations are located in each treatment and are grouped in this analysis. In this dataset, the following chemical variables were measured from 1999-2005: Ca, Mg, Na, K, NO3, total alkalinity, Cl, SO4, NH4,PO4, DOC, specific conductance, total dissolved phosphorus and Si. See also the dataset entitled Soil Water Nitrate on the Main Cropping System Experiment which covers a longer time period.

See the following reference for methods: Hamilton,S.K., A.L. Kurzman, C.Arango, L. Jin, and G.P. Robertson. 2007. Evidence for carbon sequestration by agricultural liming. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 21, GB2021, doi: 10.1029/2006GB002738.


KBS067-001 Soil Leachate via Suction Lysimeters - Major Ions
Water chemistry of soil leachate collected from the Main System Cropping Experiment using suction lysimeters.


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