KBS079:Trace gas on the Resource Gradient Study

This study provides a gradient of nitrogen fertilization under rainfed and irrigated conditions. Nitrogen applications range from 0 to 291 kg N/ha . Plots are 5×30 m arranged in each of 4 replicate blocks. The crop rotation (wheat, corn, soybean) follows the pattern of the main site.

The study started in 2002 as a rainfed only study on the south end of the main site. In 2005 a new rainfed and irrigated study was started at the south end of the lysimeter field. The original study site was discontinued in 2006.

Crop yields, nitrous oxide and soil temperature, moisture and nitrogen data are available for this study.

Treatments are numbered as follows: 1 = 0 kg N/ha, 2= 34 kg N/ha, 3= 67 kg N/ha, 4= 101 kg N/ha, 5= 134 kg N/ha, 6= 168 kg N/ha, 7 = 202 kg N/ha, 8= 246 kg N/ha, 9= 291 kg N/ha.


KBS033-003 N2O Fluxes via Static Chambers
Nitrous oxide fluxes from plots of the Resource Gradient Experiment using the static chamber method.


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