KBS079:Greenhouse Gas Fluxes of the Resource Gradient Experiment

This dataset contains greenhouse gas fluxes of the LTER Resource Gradient Experiment which applies 9 different rates of nitrogen fertilization (F1-F9) to annual row crops under rainfed (since 1999) and irrigated (since 2003) conditions. Since 2006, row crops follow the same rotation as the LTER Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE; corn-soybean-wheat); continuous corn was grown 1999-2005. Nitrogen fertilization rates (F1-F9) differ by crop (since 2008) and are given on the plot map.

The experiment moved to its current location in the LTER Main Site in 2005; previous experimental designs and locations are given here.


KBS033-003 Nitrous Oxide Fluxes via Static Chambers

Nitrous oxide (N2O) fluxes from the rainfed plots of the Resource Gradient Experiment using the static chamber method. Fluxes were measured over the 2001-2003 growing seasons when the experiment was located at site B in the LTER Main Site and was planted to continuous corn. N rate treatments (F1-F9) ranged from 0-291 kg N/ha, as given on the 2000-2005 plot map.


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