KBS006:Distribution and Composition of the Seed Bank

The distribution and composition of the weed seed bank in treatments 1-7 of the LTER main site is periodically (every 3-6 years) evaluated using elutriation and seed counting methods. The goal is to determine:

  1. how well the seed bank predicts weed abundances and composition in subsequent years, and
  2. how changes in disturbance (tillage) and plant species (cropping systems) affect the bank. Composite soil samples to two depths are periodically elutriated to determine seed densities, species composition, and viabilities of seven target species which are dominant on the site.


KBS006-001 Seed Bank via Direct Germination
Seed bank data estimated by direct germination. Seeds are allowed to germinate and the number of plants are counted and identified.
KBS006-002 Seed Bank via Elutriation
Plant species and seed numbers determined by elutrication of soil.


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