Nitrification and CH4 Consumption via Lab Incubations

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Methane flux, plus soil inorganic nitrogen and nitrification potential, in lab incubations of soils by depth from plots of the Living Field Lab Experiment.


Experiment: Living Field Lab (LFL) Study
Data available from: January 2001 to December 2002
Dataset: KBS046
Datatable ID: KBS046-006.27
Core Areas Organic Matter,Inorganic Nutrients,Disturbance
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Last Updated 2016-02-17
Variate Description Units
Plot LFL plot id
Crop crop on the plot when the sample was taken
Replication field and lab replication 3 field reps and 2 lab reps
Management LFL field management for the plot
Depth soil depth centimeter
CH4 measured CH4-C flux µg/kg/hr
NO3 soil nitrate-N KCL extract on dried soils (65C) μg/g
NH4 soil ammonium-N KCL extract on dried soil (65C) μg/g
Nitrification nitrification potential µg/kg/hr
Moisture soil moisture %

Data Excerpt

plot crop replicate management depth ch4 no3 nh4 nitrification moisture
105 Corn 1 Conventional 0-5 -0.01 5.39 4.50 0.41 15.12
206 Corn 2 Conventional 0-5 0.04 3.43 6.77 0.31 8.71
314 Corn 3 Conventional 0-5 0.03 7.67 10.65 0.49 15.20
416 Corn 4 Conventional 0-5 0.01 6.45 4.70 0.12 7.42
103 Soybean 1 Conventional 0-5 0.02 10.51 3.75 0.19 9.45
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