Aphid Colonization via Suction Traps

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Number and sex of aphids captured during each sampling period from all 10 Midwest network stations.

This datatable is part of the Aphid Collection Tower Site at KBS dataset. Survey of migration of soybean aphid and other aphids of economic interest in 10 midwestern States. Aphids are collected using a suction trap.


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: June 2005 to October 2013
Dataset: KBS049
Datatable ID: KBS049-001.27
Core Areas Populations,Disturbance
Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/a05cd12f0c9ae1c0a14f4ecb18d3d1b5
Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
sample date the collection date
state US state where the aphids were observed
station station where the aphids were observed
species species observed
sex the sex of the individual (M/F)
count the number of individuals observed number

Data Excerpt

sample_date state station species sex count
2013-10-25 IA Ames Acyrthosiphon.caraganae F 0
2013-10-25 IA Ames Acyrthosiphon.caraganae M 0
2013-10-25 IA Ames Acyrthosiphon.kondoi F 0
2013-10-25 IA Ames Acyrthosiphon.kondoi M 0
2013-10-25 IA Ames Acyrthosiphon.lactucae F 0
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