Baseline Spatial Variability Study - Elevation — Research Context

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Elevation data was determined for an array of geo-referenced points at the LTER Main Site prior to the start of the Main Cropping System Experiment.

This datatable is part of the Baseline Spatial Variability Study dataset. A spatial variability study conducted across the LTER Main Site area (45 ha) at KBS prior to dividing the site into 1-ha experimental plots. During the 1988 growing season a stratified unaligned sampling scheme was used to collect 400-600 geo-referenced samples across the site (uniformly planted to a single variety of soybeans) for:

  1. geomorphological characteristics (microtopography, soil horizon depths, bulk density, texture);
  2. soil chemical characteristics (pH, NO3, NH4, total C, total N, moisture, inorganic P, trace metals);
  3. soil biological characteristics (N mineralization potentials, microbial biomass C, microbial biomass N, fungal/bacterial ratios, nematodes and other soil invertebrates; seed bank size);
  4. plant weed species abundance, weed biomass at peak standing crop); and
  5. insect characteristics (major pest and predator species).

Most soil samples (0-15cm) were taken before crop emergence, plant phenology samples were taken throughout the growing season, biomass samples were taken at physiological maturity, and insect samples were taken continuously. Dried soil and plant samples are archived for potential future analysis.


Experiment: Research Context
Data available from: January 1988
Dataset: KBS003
Datatable ID: KBS003-003.48
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Variate Description Units
year the year the observation was recorded
easting easting of the sample location in UTM 16N meter
northing northing of the sample location in UTM 16N meter
z meter elevation above mean sea level meter

Data Excerpt

year easting northing z_meter
1988 633981 4696121 285.59
1988 634280 4696128 286.97
1988 634081 4696127 285.84
1988 633913 4696126 285.36
1988 633914 4696128 285.34
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