Narrative Agronomic Field Log

Log of the agronomic activities on the GLBRC Intensive site

This datatable is part of the KBS GLBRC Experiment dataset. Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Consortium Sustainably Experiment.


Experiment: GLBRC Biofuel Cropping System Experiment
Data available from: April 2008 to December 2017
Dataset: KBS058
Datatable ID: KBS058-001.34
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Last Updated 2018-02-16
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obs date date the activity was done
comment description of the activity

Data Excerpt

obs_date comment
2018-05-23 Sprayed fertilizer in the GLBRC Main Site Treatments G5, G6, G7, and G9, all replications. All treatments were fertilized with 50 lbs N/A applied as 28% N fertilizer. 28% fertilizer weighs 10.67 lbs /gallon so the 50 lbs N/A worked out to 17 gal 28%/A. Each treatment plot was divided into two areas, an unfertilzed microplot area 15' wide located on the west side of all the plots and the fertilized area which was the remaining 76.86' on the east side of the plot. The unfertilized 15' microplot received NO fertilizer. The fertilized 76.86' was fertilized at 50 lbs N/A applied in 2 passes of the sprayer. Treatment G10 was fertilized on only 15' on west side of plot. Conditions: 2:30 p.m. sunny 76 degrees F, 41% humidity, 2-6 mph north wind. Conditions at 4:00 p.m. sunny 79 degrees F 28 % humidity, 0-5 mph north wind. Equipment Used: John Deere 6140R tractor with a three point mounted Top Air sprayer equipped with a hydraulic centrifugal sprayer pump and Ag Leader Rate Controller. StreamJet SJ7 Fertilizer Spray Nozzles(0.3 gpm) were used, spaced 20 inches apart with a total boom length of 45 feet. Purpose of Application: Supply nitrogen to the treatment plots.
2018-05-08 Sprayed GLBRC G2 plot 1 plot in rep 6, LTER N-Rate Study and Lysimeter field with Roundup Powermax, 2,4-D est Lv4 and AMS. Roundup Powermax applied at 22oz/A, 2,4-D lv4 ester at 1 pint/A and Ammonium Sulfate (sprayable, CAS #7783-20-2) was applied at 17 lbs/100 gallons of carrier. Weather conditions: At the start 11:40 p.m. sunny, 68 degrees F, humidity 39.6 %, with 5-9 mph south west winds. End of application 3:10 p.m. sunny, 77 degrees F, humidity 28.9 %, with 5-9 mph north west winds.
2018-05-07 Sprayed GLBRC G1 corn plots, 1 corn plot (last one to west) in rep 6 and corn in the old productivity study (south half) with Roundup Powermax, Lexar and AMS. Roundup Powermax applied at 1qt/A, Lexar applied at 3qts/A and Ammonium Sulfate (sprayable, CAS #7783-20-2) was applied at 17 lbs/100 gallons of carrier. Weather conditions: At the start 12:30 p.m. sunny 74 degrees F, humidity was 40.6 % with 5-10 mph north, north east End of application 2:30 p.m. sunny, 67 degrees F, humidity 28 %, with 5-10 mph west winds.
2018-05-01 Planted corn in the GLBRC treatments G1, all reps (reps: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1), inside 30 ft on the south and east side of the bait crop, very west plot in rep 6, and CE1 and CE2 plots in LTER CE study. Equipment Used: JD 7330 tractor and JD 1730 planter. Brand and Variety Planted: Dekalb DKC51-38RIB seed corn at 32,000 seeds/acre (avg pop from monitor ). Planting depth: 1.5 inches. Row Spacing: 30 inches. Dekalb DKC51-38 RIB has a relative maturity of 101 days (2525 growing degree units to black layer). DKC51-38 is Roundup Ready Genuity Smartstax RIB (refuge in a bag) corn blend. Fertilizer Applied at Planting: 19-17-0 liquid fertilizer at 14.0 gallons/acre. The fertilizer was placed two inches to the side and two inches below the seed at planting. 14 gals/A of 19-17-0 supplies 29.22 lbs N/A and 26.14 lbs P205/A
2018-04-26 The Kellogg Forest mowed (flail cut) stumps from G8 plots. Cut stumps with a flail cutting head mounted on the front of a Bobcat skid-steer.
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