Early Successional Microplot Biomass

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Plant biomass measured in response to long-term nitrogen fertilization and disturbance. Biomass was sorted to species until 2014 and periodically after that. In years where the biomass was not sorted it is reported as “unsorted”

This datatable is part of the Plant Community and Ecosystem Responses to Long-term Fertilization & Disturbance dataset. This work is part of the long-term sampling and monitoring of successional dynamics in abandoned fields – and responses to N-fertilization. Data from this research has been, and will continue to, contribute to LTER cross-site analysis of plant community dynamics, diversity-productivity, and responses to fertilization and disturbance.

N-fertilized and tilled (disturbed) microplots are located in the NW corner of all treatment 7 (early successional communities) on the LTER main site.

 Experimental treatments are:
1) Nitrogen addition vs. no nitrogen addition and 2) Annual disturbance vs. undisturbed


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: July 1989 to September 2017
Dataset: KBS055
Datatable ID: KBS055-001.29
Core Areas Primary Production,Populations,Inorganic Nutrients,Disturbance
Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/16f1a4e8d31297af7713e6cb3d70311b
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Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
sample date date of sampling
species species observed
treatment LTER treatment identifier
replicate replicate
disturbed has the plot been tilled annually (true or false)
fertilized has nitrogen fertilizer been applied to the plot (true or false)
biomass g dry biomass measured per square meter g/m2
area sampled area that was sampled squaremeter

Data Excerpt

sample_date species treatment replicate disturbed fertilized biomass_g area_sampled
2017-09-06 UnSorted T7 R1 disturbed unfertilized 263.4 1.0
2017-09-06 UnSorted T7 R1 disturbed fertilized 623.2 1.0
2017-09-06 UnSorted T7 R2 disturbed unfertilized 382.0 1.0
2017-09-06 UnSorted T7 R2 disturbed fertilized 850.2 1.0
2017-09-06 UnSorted T7 R3 disturbed unfertilized 289.3 1.0
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