Geo-referenced Agronomic Yields - Processed — MCSE Scale-up Experiment

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Geo-referenced crop yields of corn, soy and wheat from the Main Cropping System Experiment Scale-up sites as calculated by the John Deere Ag Office software and exported as shapefiles. Data were collected using the GPS yield monitor on the LTER combine.

This datatable is part of the MCSE Scale-up Fields dataset. This study investigates the viability of extending the Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE) treatments on the LTER Main Site to larger areas, in a conventional farming system. Agronomic yield and spatial yields are monitored as part of the baseline sampling.


Experiment: MCSE Scale-up Experiment
Data available from: January 2006 to January 2012
Dataset: KBS056
Datatable ID: KBS056-002.42
Core Areas Primary Production,Disturbance
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Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
easting easting in UTM16N meter
northing northing in UTM16N meter
Species crop grown
yield yield in bu/acre bu/ac
moisture grain moisture measured by the grain flow sensor %
year harvest year

Data Excerpt

easting northing species yield moisture year
632077.471805224 4697226.362792706 soybeans 22.31 19.51 2006
632077.5190455781 4697223.863701289 soybeans 19.7 19.51 2006
632077.5587274597 4697221.764464505 soybeans 21.82 19.48 2006
632077.6059677764 4697219.265373105 soybeans 21.82 19.48 2006
632077.6301514579 4697228.565772213 soybeans 21.11 19.51 2006
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