Detailed Fertilization Log

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List each N application that was made to the N-deposition study. The yearly amount is split into 3 equal applications that is applied over the spring summer and fall months.

The treatments are:

  • 1F (all except CF3): 1gN/m2 applied to 10×10m plot, equal to 217g Urea divided into three applications of 72.5g (spring, summer, fall) each mixed with 4L water
  • 1F-CF3: 1gN/m2 applied to 2×3m plot, equal to 13g Urea divided into three applications of 4.3g each mixed with 2L water
  • 3F: 3gN/m2 applied to 2×2m plot, equal to 26.1g Urea divided into three applications of 8.7g each mixed with 2L water
  • 10F (in DF only): 10gN/m2 applied to 2×2m plot equal to 87g Urea divided into three applications of 29g each mixed with 2L water

This datatable is part of the Tracegas fluxes in forests and old fields under enhanced nitrogen regimes dataset. 10 m2 plots in the old field and forest ecosystems were fertilized with 2 rates of nitrogen. N2O, CO2 and CH4 measurements were made with a static chamber method


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: April 2001 to May 2020
Dataset: KBS050
Datatable ID: KBS050-002.38
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Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
date The date of the fertilization
Treatment The experimental treatment
Replicate The experimental replicate
Plot The experimental plot. The name indicates the level of fertilization.
n applied kg ha amount of N applied kg/ha
n source type of fertilizer applied
comment a comment about the fertilization event

Data Excerpt

date treatment replicate plot n_applied_kg_ha n_source comment
2020-05-04 SF 3 3F 1.0 Urea
2020-05-04 SF 2 3F 1.0 Urea
2020-05-04 SF 2 1F 0.333 Urea
2020-05-04 SF 3 1F 0.333 Urea
2020-05-04 DF 1 10F 3.33 Urea
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