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A narrative of the agronomic events on the Biodiversity Gradient Experiment

This datatable is part of the Agronomic Yields on the Biodiversity Gradient Experiment dataset. Agronomic yields have been measured on the Biodiversity Gradient Experiment since 2000. Samples are collected from the corn, soy and winter wheat plots before harvest by harvesting a subplot with a plot combine.

Initial soil moisture from the Biodiversity Gradient baseline sampling is also available for corn, soy and wheat plots.


Experiment: Biodiversity Gradient Experiment
Data available from: May 2000 to November 2019
Dataset: KBS032
Datatable ID: KBS032-002.51
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Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
Obs date observation date
Comment description of the agronomic event
Author author of the observation

Data Excerpt

obs_date comment author
2020-07-09 Sprayed LTER Biodiversity study. Sprayed with AMS, Roundup Powermax and cornbelt 2,4-D ester 4lb. AMS applied at 3.4 lbs/A, Roundup Powermax applied at 2 qt/A, 2,4-D ester applied at 1 pint/A. Weather conditions at the beginning 1:15 p.m. sunny, 88.7 degrees F, 5-6 mph south wind, 56.3 % humidity. Conditions at the end 3:15 p.m. sunny, 89.5 degrees F, 7-8 mph south west wind, 48.1 % humidity. Justin Mezo
2019-11-26 Planted Rye cover crop in Biodiversity (Treatment B5: 114,217,312,406/ Treatment B16: 101,210,308,416). Rye was planted at 114lbs/acre. Rye was seeded at 1" depth. Ryan Anthony
2019-11-07 Flail mowed biodiversity treatments (B5: R114, R217, R312, R405/ B8: R118, R214, R310, R408/ B11: R110, R216, R309, R411/ B13: R113, R212, R319, R413/ B15: R112, R213, R301, R415/ B18: R108, R208, R311, R418). Ryan Anthony
2019-11-07 Harvested soybeans from the LTER Biodiversity Study: Treatments B3: (111, 203, 306, 403), B6: (107, 207, 317, 406), B9: (119, 205, 314, 409), B12: (109, 202, 313, 412), B14: (115, 204, 304, 414), B16: (101, 210, 308, 416), B19: (103, 218, 315, 419). Two rows of soybeans were harvested from the middle of the East 6 rows of each plot. Plot weight and moisture content were obtained from the on-board computer/software weighing system, (Mirus software by Harvest Master, Juniper Systems). Brook Wilke harvested the remaining plot area soybeans on --- with the JD 9410 combine, pick-up truck and gravity wagon. Justin Mezo
2019-10-25 Chisel plowed treatment: B1 (106, 201, 303, and 401) in the biodiversity study. Equipment used: JD 7520 tractor and JD 714 chisel plow. Joe Simmons
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