Narrative Agronomic Log — Biodiversity Gradient Experiment

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A narrative of the agronomic activities on the Biodiversity Gradient Experiment

This datatable is part of the Agronomy of the Biodiversity Gradient Experiment dataset.

This dataset contains the agronomic yields and activities of the LTER Biodiversity Gradient Experiment (a.k.a. Biodiversity Experiment Plots or BExP) from its establishment in 2000 through 2020, one year past its retirement when all treatment plots (B1-B21) were planted to sorghum to test for residual agronomic effects.


Experiment: Biodiversity Gradient Experiment
Data available from: May 2000 to October 2020
Dataset: KBS032
Datatable ID: KBS032-002.59
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Last Updated 2024-01-09
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Data Excerpt

obs_date comment author
2020-10-09 Harvested (mowed) the biodiversity plots on October 9, 2020, all trt's and all reps. Harvested (picked-up the windrows) on Thursday October 15, 2020. Grab samples from each plot were placed in paper bags weighed for wet weight and placed in plant dryer, each sample will be reweighed to determine percent moisture for each plot. Finished harvesting left over stand in biodiversity on December 10, 2020. Mowed with JD Discbine and picked up windrows with JD 7350 chopper and Gnuse harvest wagon. -Ryan Anthony Joe Simmons
2020-07-23 Seeded LTER Biodiversity Study to hybrid sorghum sudangrass. Seed came from Alta seeds and variety was ADVS6505. Seeded at 43.3 lbs/A (736,100 seeds/A) at 3/4 of an inch deep. Used JD 1590 drill so row spacing was 7.5 inches apart. Justin Mezo
2020-07-23 Soil finished the biodiversity study (all reps). Made one head land pass east to west at the beginning. Soil finished in a north south direction. Made a second head land pass east to west to finish. Ryan Anthony
2020-07-21 Chisel plowed the LTER Biodiversity Study. The entire study was chisel plowed north to south and then headland passes were made east and west on the edges of replications. Justin Mezo
2020-07-14 Flail mowed biodiversity; all replications (B1-B21). Mowed at approximately 6" of height. Ryan Anthony
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