Narrative Agronomic Log

A narrative log of the agronomic operations done on the Resource Gradient Experiment.

This datatable is part of the Resource Gradient Study Management dataset. The log of the resource gradient study agronomic management. A “browsable” interface to the aglog is available at


Experiment: Resource Gradient Experiment
Data available from: May 2000 to December 2017
Dataset: KBS084
Datatable ID: KBS084-001.19
Last Updated 2018-01-25
Variate Description Units
obs date observation date
Comment description of the agronomic operations performed
author author of this observation
source the aglog entry source

Data Excerpt

obs_date comment author source
2018-05-26 Planted soybeans in the LTER Main Site. Planted the N-rate (irrigated and non-irrigated studies), T8nt plots (all 4 reps), and CE study trt CE3 (plots 105, 207, 301, and 403). Equipment Used: Planted with the JD 7330 tractor and JD 1730 planter. Variety: Planted Pioneer P22T69R Roundup Ready soybeans. Planting depth: 1.25 inches. Row spacing: 15 inches. Joe Simmons
2018-05-26 Sprayed LTER N-Rate, T8nt plots, CE 3 with Valor. Valor was applied at 3.5 oz/A. Weather conditions: At the start 7:53 p.m. sunny 83 degrees F, humidity was 44 % with 3-6 mph west. End of application 9:40 p.m. sunny, 75 degrees F, humidity 59 %, with 1-4 mph north west winds. Justin Mezo
2018-05-24 Spread potash on LTER Main Site N-Rate Fertility Study both irrigated and non irrigated. Potash (0-0-60) was applied at 240 lbs/A equaling 144 lbs/A K2O. Fertilizer was applied using Farm Bureaus 8 ton chandler lime/fertilizer spinner spreader going over plots twice with the (120 lb/A)rate to equal 240 lbs/A Gate setting was at 1.5 inches density was 66-67 and it through a 50 ft swath. Applied at 4.5 mph. Justin Mezo
2018-05-08 Sprayed GLBRC G2 plot 1 plot in rep 6, LTER N-Rate Study and Lysimeter field with Roundup Powermax, 2,4-D est Lv4 and AMS. Roundup Powermax applied at 22oz/A, 2,4-D lv4 ester at 1 pint/A and Ammonium Sulfate (sprayable, CAS #7783-20-2) was applied at 17 lbs/100 gallons of carrier. Weather conditions: At the start 11:40 p.m. sunny, 68 degrees F, humidity 39.6 %, with 5-9 mph south west winds. End of application 3:10 p.m. sunny, 77 degrees F, humidity 28.9 %, with 5-9 mph north west winds. Justin Mezo
2017-12-01 Flail mowed corn stalks in LTER N-Rate Nitrogen study both irrigated and non irrigated, CE study corn plots, corn and soybean plots in biodiversity as well as the spring fallow plots. Justin Mezo
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