Kalamazoo Hospital Weather data formatted for climdb — Research Context

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The weather data from the Kalamazoo Hospital Station formatted for climdb

This datatable is part of the National Weather Service Daily Observations at Kalamazoo Hospital dataset. Weather Observations taken between June 1887 and April 1987 at the Kalamazoo Hospital NWS station.

Comments: This data has not been verified; there are errors.
If you come across inconsistent data please send a message stating your observation to the LTER data manager.


Experiment: Research Context
Data available from: June 1887 to April 1987
Dataset: KBS064
Datatable ID: KBS064-002.18
Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/f7c94131ffb7b5ceeb817aeafd26128f
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Last Updated 2014-12-15
Variate Description Units
lter site lter site contributing the data
Station weather station
Date observation date
daily airtemp absmax c Daily Air temperature maximum in degrees C celsius
flag daily airtemp absmax c A flag indicating data quality
daily airtemp absmin c Daily Minimum Air temperature in degrees C celsius
flag daily airtemp absmin c A data quality flag
daily precip total mm Daily precipitation in millimeters millimeter
flag daily precip total mm a data quality flag

Data Excerpt

lter_site station date daily_airtemp_absmax_c flag_daily_airtemp_absmax_c daily_airtemp_absmin_c flag_daily_airtemp_absmin_c daily_precip_total_mm flag_daily_precip_total_mm
KBS KZOOHSP 18870601 20.0 13.0 37.3
KBS KZOOHSP 18870602 17.0 12.0 1.0
KBS KZOOHSP 18870603 24.0 12.0 0.0
KBS KZOOHSP 18870604 27.0 16.0 0.0
KBS KZOOHSP 18870605 24.0 18.0 9.7
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